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MIRS Monday, Dec. 2, 2019

December 2, 2019

Expungement reform, higher Supreme Court justice salaries, eliminating the 70-year-old limitation on judges -- House Judiciary Committee Chair Graham Filler (R-DeWitt) has a lot on his plate, as he has all year. Listen to his thoughts on his committee, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey's "bat-shit crazy" quote, the budget, House Republicans' chances in 2020, Speaker Pro Tem Jason Wentworth and more.

Also, Shirkey may have apologized for the "bat-shit crazy" quote, but hear why it may take longer than a Thanksgiving holiday for his relationship with the Senate D's to be mended. The MIRS team debates whether the Rep. Larry Inman recall petitions should be thrown out and if the last several years of high voter approval for local millage proposals mean the "anti-tax" hype is running out of steam.

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